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RALI CARES Trailer Coming to New Mexico

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of New Mexico brings together local, state and national leaders to identify solutions that help prevent the misuse of prescription medicines. We have partnered with Code 3 to bring the RALI CARES educational trailer to several stops in New Mexico later this month. The effort helps educate community members, especially parents, about the warning signs of drug misuse among teenagers and children.

The trailer is an interactive example of a typical teenage bedroom which parents and community members can visit to see possible warning signs of drug abuse. It’s a useful tool that can help ensure loved ones are not misusing prescription medicines. Visitors can also speak with former law enforcement professionals staffing the trailer about resources available in their community if they are concerned about their children after visiting.

The current schedule of events for the RALI CARES trailer is below. Additional stops will be announced soon and posted here as they are available.

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