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National Prescription Drug Takeback Day is this Saturday, Oct. 26th

There are many ways we can all help keep our communities safe. This month, there's a unique opportunity to do that and help address opioid misuse across our state at the same time.

Whenever you take prescription medication, it’s important to keep it secured so that others, especially children, don’t misuse it. When you no longer need the medication, it’s equally important to safely dispose of any unused portion. By reducing access to medicines that can be dangerous when used other than how they were prescribed by a medical professional, we take an important step in helping prevent addiction.

Saturday, October 26 is National Prescription Take Back Day. This bi-annual event serves as a reminder to clean out your medicine cabinet and help keep your family and friends safe.

RALI New Mexico is proud to partner with our partners to promote safe disposal – on Takeback Day and year-round.

You can find a takeback day disposal site near you, by visiting If you can’t make it on the 26th there are easy ways to dispose of medications at home, look for safe disposal tips on our site’s page linked above.

Join us this Saturday in cleaning out home medicine cabinets and making sure any unused prescription medications are safely disposed of. That one small act can help our neighbors and communities and has the power to save lives.

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