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New Mexico Behavioral Health Specialists Share Resources to Raise Awareness and Preparedness for the

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of New Mexico continues working with local partners to reach New Mexicans who may be struggling with substance misuse or those who are most vulnerable during this COVID-19 crisis.

The New Mexico Behavioral Health Department is leading the way, working to find solutions for any state resident that is facing a health challenge themselves or with a loved one – especially mental health challenges – and connecting them to resources that can help. While every New Mexican has been affected and challenged by the pandemic, there is particular concern that some more vulnerable members of our communities are facing extra challenges.

Certainly, the pandemic and resulting changes we have experienced are stressful for anyone. Every New Mexican should know that amid this pandemic, there are resources available to help, and signs to look for if you are concerned about the well-being of a loved one. For someone struggling with any number of mental health challenges, misusing substances or “self-medicating” to manage their mental health can be very dangerous.

It is especially important for us all to watch out for each other right now. The best thing to do if you think someone is misusing is encouraging them to reach out, seek help and talk to someone.

As we continue to manage through stay at home guidelines and the gradual reopening of the state, there are several signs in a person’s appearance, demeanor and behavior that could indicate a need for greater attention. Some of the more common signs are drowsiness or changes in sleep patterns or habits, erratic mood swings, irritability, agitation, or paranoia, as well as slowed speech or reflexes.

More information on warning signs and considerations specific to certain substances as well as information and resources for support can be found through the following organizations listed below.

The New Mexico Crisis and Access Line: 1-855-662-7474 (1-855-NMCRISIS)

Mental health professionals support callers on the Crisis Line 24 hours a day

The New Mexico Peer-to-Peer Warmline (Warmline): 1-855-466-7100

Mental health professionals – all Certified Peer Support Specialists answer calls every day of the year.

NMConnect is also here to help close the access gap by engaging people with immediate access to mental health professionals and resources. This includes:

  • Directly connect to a counselor or peer support worker;

  • Directly text a peer support worker;

  • Access up to date resources for substance use, mental health services, and other community resources

  • Information on the state response to COVID-19

  • This feature can be tailored for future mental health initiatives the state is leading.

Healthcare Worker & First Responder Support Line: 1-855-507-5509

Mental health professionals are available to talk with essential workers.

For more information, visit

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